TRP Downloads

On this page, you can access free PDF downloads for some of our Teacher Resource Packs.


Key Stage 3: Banking

KS3 – Banking – Teacher Guide

KS3 Banking Terms Sheet / KS3 Banking Definition Cards / KS3 Banking Starter Sheets


Key Stage 3: Budgeting

KS3 – Budgeting – Teacher Guide

KS3 Budgeting Sort Cards Set 1KS3 Budgeting Sort Cards Set 2 / KS3 Budgeting Cara’s Story / KS3 Budgeting Blank Budget Template / KS3 Budgeting Board GameKS3 Budgeting Game WorksheetKS3 Budgeting Lifestyle Cards 1 / KS3 Budgeting Lifestyle Cards 2 / KS3 Budgeting Appendix 1 Card Sort Teacher GuidanceKS3 Budgeting Appendix 2 Cara’s Story Teacher AnswersKS3 Budgeting Appendix 3 Board Game RulesKS3 Budgeting Starter Sheets


Key Stage 3: Credit

KS3 – Credit – Teacher Guide

KS3 Credit Definitions BingoKS3 Credit TrueFalse CardsKS3 Credit Case StudiesKS3 Credit Starter Sheets


Key Stage 3: Savings

KS3 – Savings – Teacher Guide

KS3 Saving Category CardsKS3 Savings FlowchartKS3 Savings Role-Play PromptsKS3 Savings Starter Sheets


Key Stage 4: Budgeting

KS4 – Budgeting – Teacher Guide

KS4 Budgeting Job Fact Find CardsKS4 Budgeting Job Fact Find WorksheetKS4 Budgeting Appendix 1 Fact Find Teacher AnswersKS4 Budgeting Budget Builder WorksheetKS4 Budgeting Price ListWildcards 1Wildcards 2Wildcards 3 / KS4 Budgeting Starter Sheets


Key Stage 4: Credit

KS4 – Credit – Teacher Guide

KS4 Credit Match The Terms Sheet / KS4 Credit Types of Credit / KS4 Credit Starter Sheets


Key Stage 4: Getting Paid: Tax and Payslips

KS4 – Getting Paid Tax and Payslips – Teacher Guide

KS4 Getting Paid Term CardsKS4 Getting Paid Definition DecodingKS4 Getting Paid PayslipKS4 Getting Paid Starter Sheets


Joint Pack Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4: Housing: Renting and Buying

KS3&4 – Housing Renting and Buying – Teacher Guide

KS3&4 Housing Vocab Sheet / KS3&4 Housing Rental Property Advert Sheet / KS3&4 Housing Starter Sheets


Key Stage 4: Planning For Your Goals

KS4 – Planning For Your Goals – Teacher Guide

KS4 Planning Action Plan Worksheet / KS4 Planning Big Question Sheet 1 / KS4 Planning Big Question Sheet 2 / KS4 Planning Research Worksheet / KS4 Planning Starter Sheets


Key Stage 4: Savings

KS4 – Savings – Teacher Guide

KS4 Savings Activity 1 Characters + GridKS4 Savings Activity 1 Savings Splash RulesKS4 Savings Activity 2 Savings PlanKS4 Savings Activity 3 Character CardsKS4 Savings Activity 3 FactorsKS4 Savings Activity 3 Savings TypesKS4 Savings Starter Sheets