Our Impact

Children Listen in Financial Education Money Workshop

We believe the impact of our work is far reaching in many respects, including those we deliver our Workshops and Webinar sessions to, those who make use of our resources and website, those organisations who support our work and share our vision, as well as those with whom our policy work engages and informs.

That’s why we’re delighted to present our Annual Impact Report, produced in partnership with our Impact & Evaluation agency, Futureproof. It details the significant positive effect of our Financial Wellbeing and Financial Education work amongst people of all ages across the UK throughout 2023, looking at each area of our delivery in turn, Young People, Adults in the Workplace, Adults in the Community and then specifically our Refugee and Asylum Seeker Programme.

“In 2023 we reached more people than ever before, which coupled with the continued impact we are having on people of all ages’ ability to talk about and manage their money is an amazing achievement. As well as across the board increases on all measures pre- and post- Workshop, it is really interesting to see that in nearly all measures we are having more impact in 2023 than we did in 2022. Our work in increasing the Financial Capability and Financial Wellbeing of people across the UK continues to be vital and so it is really pleasing to be able to illustrate that it works.”

Michelle Highman

Chief Executive, The Money Charity

Key 2023 Findings from our Financial Education sessions for Young People.
Key 2023 Findings from our Financial Wellbeing sessions for Adults in the Workplace.
Key 2023 Findings from our Financial Wellbeing sessions for Adults in Community Groups.
Key 2023 Findings from our Financial Wellbeing sessions for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.


For more visuals on our 2023 Impact, click to read our full 2023 Impact Report or just use the links on the side of the page.

Finally, our Theory of Change summary document demonstrates the fuller picture of how what we do works in people’s everyday lives. By looking at the UK context, detailing what we do and how it empowers those we work with, we can demonstrate the impact and many outcomes people see in their lives, as well as the ultimate goal, that everyone achieves Financial Wellbeing by managing their money well.