Young People Learning Together + YFCG Logos

Since 2014, the Youth Financial Capability Group (YFCG, made up of The London Institute of Banking & Finance, MyBnk, The Money Charity and Young Money) has brought together charities with a significant focus on developing the Financial Capability of young people within the UK so that the member organisations can work and collaborate together on collectively furthering the profile and delivery of Financial Education across the UK Curriculum.

The YFCG recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to what might make Financial Education easier to deliver within any individual setting, but for many educators, the main challenge is often knowing what is available and where from. The YFCG have therefore produced their Guide to Financial Education Support, which details the diverse areas of available nationwide support and services offered by the four members. Its aim is to equip schools, colleges and other educational settings with an overview of the organisations best placed to support them in their delivery of this vitally important aspect of the Curriculum to young people across the UK.

The YFCG work closely with the Money and Pensions Service, but are independent organisations who share a common vision. Together and individually, they are working for a society in which all children and young people can manage their money well, make well-informed financial decisions and ultimately achieve Financial Wellbeing. The provision of high-quality, relevant, and age-appropriate support is at the heart of what each organisation does and they believe that in order to achieve this, there needs to be a range of tailored approaches. These approaches include classroom workshops, teacher training, qualifications and bespoke projects.

Through the brochure and across the members’ websites, the YFCG hope that they will increase the reach of their Financial Education delivery, engaging many more young people with the input they need to grow up as adults confident and savvy with their finances.