Policy Papers

Our Policy & Research work complements our main objective of directly helping people of all ages to stay on top of their money. It keeps the profile of financial education and financial capability high on the agenda, and influences policymakers and regulators.

As an essential part of that, we have also been developing our fuller Policy Papers on certain key issues, which you can read or download below. Or if you’d like to take all our Papers in at a glance, use our summarising Quick Reference Guide instead!

The Money Charity Policies – A Quick Reference Guide

The Money Charity – Credit and Debt

The Money Charity – Financial Capability for Workplaces & Communities

The Money Charity – Financial Education for Young People

The Money Charity – Financial Inclusion

The Money Charity – Financial Regulation

The Money Charity – Student Finance

The Money Charity – Tax and Benefits

The Money Charity – Women and Financial Wellbeing