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Who We Are

For over 25 years, The Money Charity has been the UK’s Financial Capability charity and our vision is that everyone achieves Financial Wellbeing by managing their money well.

We empower people across the UK to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to make the most of their money throughout their lives. By proactively providing education, information, advice and guidance to people of all ages and at all stages of life, we help them get to grips with their money and increase their Financial Wellbeing.

How Do We Achieve This?

  • We develop and deliver products and services which provide education, information and advice on money matters for those in the workplace, in our communities and in education.
  • We influence and support others to promote Financial Capability and Financial Wellbeing, through consultancy, policy, research and media work.

Our Strategy

Our current three-year strategy covers the period of 2022-2024 and includes 5 key areas of focus:

1) We will expand our Financial Education Workshop delivery to Young People in schools, colleges, universities & communities.
2) We will expand our Workplace offering and increase Financial Wellbeing delivery for Adults through their employers.
3) We will maintain our current levels of Financial Wellbeing delivery to Adults in Community groups.
4) We will increase income generated through our Financial Capability, Financial Wellbeing and Financial Education Consultancy work.
5) We will continue to raise our Profile and Credibility to support and reinforce the above areas.

To find out more about our 2022-24 strategy, you can look at this summary infographic.

Our Annual Report

Every year we publish our Annual Report, telling the story of all we achieved in the previous year as well as containing our Annual Accounts. The latest edition can be found below, while previous years’ reports are available on request, or from the Charity Commission website.

Annual Report 2021