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Who Do You Work With?

We have a proven track record of delivering Financial Wellbeing Workshops and Webinars to employees at a wide range of companies and businesses of all sizes across diverse sectors. With UK employees increasingly reporting that money worries impact their productivity, focus and motivation at work, there are not only welfare but also sound business reasons for providing Financial Wellbeing training.


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What Do Your Workshops and Webinars Involve?

All of our Financial Wellbeing Workshops and Webinars are delivered by our highly experienced and skilled team of Consultants throughout the UK. The tone of the Workshops is upbeat and non-judgemental, making no assumptions about attendees’ knowledge and ability. Most importantly, we are fully independent and impartial, meaning we never endorse or promote any specific financial products during our sessions or give any specific individual financial advice. Everyone attending will truly be empowered to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families.

“[It] was absolutely amazing. Genuinely my favourite wellbeing session ever!”

Our Workshops are all available in face-to-face or virtual format, and cover a wide range of personal finance topics. Workshop attendees will all receive a free copy of our Money Manual, which is full of ideas and tips to help make the most of their money.

What Are The Options?

To find out more about our wide range of options, just take a look at our Workplace Workshops & Webinars Guide.

“I’m so glad I attended the Financial Wellbeing Workshop…The (trainer) was clearly very experienced and had a vast bank of financial management knowledge and was able to answer every question…The program was easy to follow and very useful…and I have put into practice some of the great advice given…”


How Do I Find Out More?

Our Workplace Workshops & Webinars Guide contain full details of all the Workshops & Webinars we can offer, as well as their prices, formats, session lengths and possible attendee numbers. You can download it by clicking here.

If you want to make an enquiry, schedule a conversation with us or still have questions, just fill out the simple form here and we’ll be in touch. We’d love to work with you and together help more people to increase their Financial Wellbeing!