Workshops & Webinars

Person's Desk, Coffee Cup Besides Laptop During Online Webinar

Managing your money and making the most of it throughout your life is an invaluable life skill and one that it is never too early or too late to develop. Being on top of your money can set you up for a happier, more fulfilled life. It can help you achieve your goals and aspirations, and it can help you feel more in control of whatever life throws at you.

We have a fantastic range of face-to-face or virtual Workshops and training options available for people of all ages and at all stages of life. They focus on helping people to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours they need to manage their money well. We make learning about money engaging, interactive and fun! Most importantly, all our Workshops are 100% impartial, we never showcase any financial products and the only thing you’ll ever hear promoted at one of our Workshops is us!

We’ve reached over 280,000 Young People across the UK with our Financial Education Money Workshops, delivered in Schools and Colleges and Charities and Community Groups, as well as thousands of Adults through Workplaces and Community groups.

Whatever you are looking for, we can help. Whether it’s one of our tried and tested Workshops, a bespoke training offering you’d like us to collaborate on together, or even if you’d like to work with us on a Consultancy basis to develop something new. Take a look around to see some of our options, or if you’d like to start a conversation, just Get In Touch!