Our Consultancy Work With The Industry

The Money Charity has a long history of working with the financial services and credit industries. We believe the need for financial wellbeing and awareness extend beyond financial services as well. Our aim is to build constructive two-way partnerships that produce benefits for all.

To enquire about our consultancy services, contact our Workplace & Community Programmes Team on hello@themoneycharity.org.uk

Our Consultancy work falls into three main categories:

  • Helping you achieve better outcomes for your customers
  • Helping you improve the financial wellbeing of your customers and employees
  • Providing opportunities for you and your staff to improve the financial wellbeing of others

Better Outcomes for Your Customers

We can offer a unique perspective on the way in which you engage with your customers. We help companies take consumers into account which ultimately leads to mutually beneficial results. Cooperating with people behind on payments yields better customer relations, more open communication and hopefully more effective collections for your company.

If you are looking for something different, we are able to provide bespoke services, bringing our unique angle to whatever issue is of most importance to your business.

Improving the Financial Wellbeing of Customers

There are also a number of ways in which we can add value to your business and help your customers, by working together to improve their financial wellbeing. Financially capable consumers are more likely to buy products in the first place, more likely to choose the correct ones for them and are more likely to understand the importance of maintaining premiums or paying back debts on time.

We can help you identify your customers’ needs and identify the most appropriate solution to address them. Whether that is digital content, videos and webinars on your website, or tailored printed material for you to hand out, we can help you work out the best options for you and how to implement them.

Examples of our consultancy services include:

● Development of internal training programmes to support your employees in their role

● Optimisation of internal training modules/programmes

● Feedback on customer communications, social media and websites

● Helping you deliver better employee communications related to benefits and other internally available products

● Financial capability and off/near-shore operations

● Operational process improvement

● Supporting sales staff

Improving the Financial Wellbeing of Others

As well as the information in the work with us section of the site, there are many ways of becoming involved in our work more broadly. We are always looking for more funding to keep our valuable work going and we would love to hear from you.

In particular, if you are interested in developing a new product or service that addresses the needs of people who have a similar profile to your customer base, do get in touch to discuss further. We are always interested in developing new tailored products and services for different audiences and would be open to discussions about how best to help a particular segment of the population or a geographical region.