Teacher Resource Packs


The Money Charity’s main offer in financial education is direct delivery. Our research shows it’s not always the case that teachers and schools have the skills and resources to deliver good financial education.

We’ve got years of experience developing the tools and resources to help our consultants deliver top-notch financial education. And now we have used  that learning to create teacher resources so schools can supplement our workshops and deliver financial education lessons in-house, and are in the process of delivering more.

So, if you need some support in delivering engaging and interactive financial education, why not order our teacher resource packs here.*

To support teachers to deliver financial education themselves, we have now designed free teacher resource packs. These are:

  • Designed to fit into the national curriculum
  • Created using input and feedback from teachers
  • Can be stand alone or can be used to build on our Money Workshops.
  • Each pack contains around 1 hours’ worth of content – 3 activities each lasting around 20 mins eg. Cards sorts, board games, clue hunts and discussions
  • The packs arrive fully formed with all the instructions and resources needed to run the activities
  • Each of these activities can stand alone, or be delivered together as a 1 hour session

Teacher Resource Packs Planning and Budgeting:

  • Key Stage 3 Planning for your goals – SMART goals, creating a financial plan, adapting plans.
  • Key Stage 3 Budgeting – needs and wants, understanding budgeting, creating a budget, the impact of money on emotional health.
  • Key Stage 4 Planning for your goals – researching costs of a goal, effective financial planning, building a plan for a group.
  • Key Stage 4 Budgeting – Different wages and their impact on lifestyle, creating a budget, dealing with unexpected costs.*

Teacher Resource Packs Credit and Savings:

  • Key Stage 3 Credit – credit types, factors affecting credit scores, manageable and unmanageable debt.
  • Key Stage 3 Savings –reasons people save, savings plan, opening a savings account.
  • Key Stage 4 Credit – credit types, why lenders use credit score, choosing credit.
  • Key Stage 4 Savings – making choices about spending savings, creating a savings plan, choosing a savings account.*

To order our resource packs or any of our other products please go to our resources page. The packs are free with a charge for postage and packaging.

*Due to funding restrictions, we can only send our resource packs to teachers.