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Students Study Financial Education

We believe that all Young People should receive quality Financial Education which will equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to manage their money well throughout their lives.

Financial Education has been on the National Curriculum since 2014 but many teachers tell us they feel under-resourced and lack confidence in teaching Young People about how to manage their finances in a rapidly changing world.

What We Can Offer

That is where we come in, with face-to-face or virtual delivery of our engaging, interactive and fun Financial Education Money Workshops which, since 2010, have reached over 210,000 young people.

The majority of Workshops we deliver are in schools and colleges to KS3, KS4 and Post-16 groups, but we also deliver to other organisations working with Young People, such as charities, community organisations, youth groups, alternative learning provisions (ALPs), and pupil referral units (PRUs).

More than 90% of pupils surveyed have said that they find our sessions valuable and that they learned something new.

What Do The Workshops Involve?

Our Workshops cover the essentials of staying on top of your money, including using money to achieve your goals, savings, tax, how to read a payslip, understanding credit, as well as financial products like banking and student finance. Each Workshop includes a range of interactive activities, the chance to debate and discuss, and relevant takeaways for the students. Take a look at our Workshops Guide to find out more. We typically deliver as a part of designated lesson times, such as during Citizenship, Maths or PSHE, and our Workshops are mapped to the Curricula.

Our Workshops are:

  • Delivered to classroom-sized groups of Young People (maximum 40), aged 11-19, and are specifically designed for those life stages.
  • Available either face-to-face or virtually (by Zoom.)
  • Typically 60 minutes long (although we can reduce to 45 minutes if needed) and, using our wide range of available modules, can be delivered in a flexible or bespoke way to suit your needs. Look at our Workshops Guide for more information on our modules.
  • Delivered either by our experienced staff or our team of expert freelance consultants.
  • Fully independent and impartial. The only thing you’ll ever hear promoted at a Money Workshop is our work!

What Do They Cost?

We are currently able to offer our Workshops to state-funded schools/colleges at no cost. We also have fully-funded Workshops available for some charities, dependent on their incomes. These funded Workshops are available thanks to the generosity of our funders. For all other organisations, costs will vary depending on how your organisation is funded, up to a maximum of £250 + VAT.

How Do I Make a Booking Request?

Simply download our Booking Request Form on the left of this page, fill out and send it to our Education Officer Natalia. Please ensure you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions (which includes our Covid-19 Safety Policy for face-to-face booking requests) before you return your form, as signing your Booking Request Form will constitute your acceptance of these.

Once we receive your form, we will be in touch further. In normal circumstances, we would ask for three weeks’ notice to arrange a Workshop. However, if you want something sooner, please do ask and we will try our best to accommodate you.

If you would like to talk to us first or have any questions, email our Education Officer Natalia who’ll be happy to help.