For Schools and Colleges


Since September 2014, Financial Education has cemented its place on the National Curriculum in all parts of the UK. Does your school pride itself in helping your students get ahead and be prepared? Are you committed to providing your pupils with a rounded education based on life skills as well as academia?

If that’s you, but don’t know where to start, we can help. Study after study has shown that whilst teachers recognise the need to teach financial education, many are just not comfortable doing it themselves. Equally we know that the pupils themselves agree, they would prefer that you involved an outside expert! That is where we come in, we provide free money workshops to young people in schools and colleges across the UK.

Since the inception of the workshops, we’ve reached over 190,000 students with our engaging but educational money messages. To help us do this we have trained consultants and volunteers from Bristol to Sheffield, and Belfast to Kent.* Our workshops are designed with the needs of your pupils in mind. Our consultants are fully trained on all they need to know to engage and inspire your pupils to stay on top of their money. Depending on what part of the country your school is, we will either provide you with one of The Money Charity’s trained presenters (who is responsible for delivering all sessions on our behalf in your area), or a volunteer from a local financial services firm (who is not employed by us, but has been trained by us as part of a partnership between ourselves and their employer).

In all cases, when the presenters are in your school, they are there only to promote financial education and to represent The Money Charity, so there will be no promotion of any brands except the charity’s, giving you peace of mind at all times. More than 90% of pupils found the sessions valuable and learnt something new. Our Money Workshops are designed for students aged 11 – 19 and are delivered to classroom-sized groups (usually up to 30 students) and can be delivered in a flexible way to suit the needs of your school. We offer from a range of twenty standard workshops that can last anywhere between 1 hour to half a day or even a full day. We are also happy to create bespoke workshops to meet your needs. For more information and to book our workshops, select the most appropriate session; Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post 16.

Or alternatively, download our factsheet or contact our Education Officer Shirin to see how we can help.

*Unfortunately our services aren’t currently available in Scotland. But we would love to develop our offering for Scottish schools too. If you know of any Scottish firms that might want to partner with us, we would be delighted to hear from them!