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The Money Charity’s vision is that everyone achieves Financial Wellbeing by managing their money well. For over 25 years, we have been helping people from all walks of life to take control of their finances, become Financially Capable and achieve Financial Wellbeing.

Whether we like it or not, money plays a crucial role in all our lives and there is a growing awareness of the link between confidence in managing personal finances and our mental health and wellbeing. With over half of UK employees reporting that financial pressures affect their ability to perform their job, there are clearly not only welfare, but also sound business reasons for providing Financial Wellbeing training.

Our Financial Wellbeing Workshops are delivered by our highly experienced and skilled team of Financial Capability Consultants throughout the UK. The tone of the Workshops is upbeat and non-judgemental, and we make no assumptions about attendees’ Financial Capability. Most importantly, all our Workshops/Webinars are fully independent and impartial and we never endorse or promote any specific financial products.

“[It] was absolutely amazing. Genuinely my favourite wellbeing session ever!”

We support organisations of all sizes across a wide range of community, corporate and government sectors, from finance to construction, manufacturing to retail, local authorities to housing associations, prisons to charities and social enterprises. We believe that staying on top of your money really is for everybody! For charities, social enterprises and community organisations, there may be opportunities to offer workshops on a fully-funded basis.

Our Workshops are all available in face-to-face or virtual format, and cover a wide range of personal finance topics. Workshop attendees will all receive a free copy of our Money Manual, which is full of ideas and tips to help make the most of their money.

Financial Wellbeing Workshop (2 hours)

This is a great way for an employer to start the Financial Wellbeing journey. The Workshop covers topics such as: spending priorities, setting up a budget, and how to access free, credible support. Price: £600 plus VAT.*

*We can also offer this as a condensed 1 hour “Lunch & Learn”Price: £350 plus VAT.

Financial Wellbeing Modules (1 hour)

Our various modules offer a comprehensive choice on specific topics including: credit and borrowing, savings and investments, and how to go about making a will. Price: £350 plus VAT.

Your Money and Covid Workshops (1 hour)

These three Workshops are designed to support people in managing their money in these difficult times. Topics covered include: supporting finances through uncertainty, coping with redundancy, and building financial resilience and mental wellbeing. Price: £350 plus VAT.

Retirement and Pensions Workshop (3 hours)

This Workshop enables employees to think about the life they want in retirement and how much money they may need to realise their ambitions. It helps make sense of topics such as: auto-enrolment, pension consolidation, managing pension contributions, and budgeting to maximise their pension. Price: £800 plus VAT.

Consultancy and Bespoke Programmes

We can support organisations in developing Financial Wellbeing content for their own hubs, developing bespoke workshops, or reviewing their existing programmes.

“I’m so glad I attended the Financial Wellbeing Workshop…The (trainer) was clearly very experienced and had a vast bank of financial management knowledge and was able to answer every question…The program was easy to follow and very useful…and I have put into practice some of the great advice given…”

To find out more or make a Workshop booking request, contact our Training Officer Emma.