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The UK has never needed financial wellbeing more than today. Recent research has shown:


At The Money Charity, we believe that everyone has the ability to manage their money well, no matter what their situation. Our Financial Wellbeing Workshops aim to help people to develop the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes to get on top of their money and stay there.


We work in partnership with businesses and organisations who host our workshops at their premises to groups of up to 20, and we currently have funding for free delivery to charities and non-profits! We’ve worked with a range of organisations including credit unions, prisons, youth groups, churches, housing associations, homeless charities, further education colleges and local councils.

Our Financial Wellbeing Workshops are friendly, interactive and aim to inspire participants to see money as something positive in their lives that can help them to achieve their goals. We make no assumptions about your prior knowledge or your own relationship with money; we want to enable people to look at their finances differently and set them off on a better path.

Financial concerns mean stress, anxiety and depression3; we can help you change that.

Workshop Outcomes

We envision a world where people are able to make the most of their money, living happier, more positive lives as a result.

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For a more detailed version of our workshop outcomes, click here.

Our Workshops

We offer three different types of workshops, as described below. For further information, click the links to download our factsheets.

Two-Hour Workshop

This workshop covers planning your finances, facing debt, saving to achieve your goals, choosing financial products and managing your everyday money. Throughout the workshop, participants develop a personalised action plan to help them transfer their learning into real life.

Commercial Two-Hour Money Workshop

Non-Profit Two-Hour Money Workshop

Full-Day Workshop

Our full-day workshop takes a more in-depth look at the topics covered in the two-hour sessions and aims to equip participants to support others to manage their money. As well as drawing up a personal action plan, participants will develop the skills to get alongside others and have an informed conversation about money.

Commercial Full-Day Money Workshop

Non-Profit Full-Day Money Workshop

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