Hosting our Training Workshops

We are passionate about helping people to get on top of their money, so we get excited about any opportunity to get in a room and create a conversation that enables others to view their finances differently.

The Money Charity knows that talking about money can be daunting, and some who have braved it in the past have found it boring. We’ve worked hard to create a different take on learning about handling money. Our workshops are friendly, interactive and we seek to inspire participants to see money as something that can help them achieve their goals in life.

We assume no prior knowledge of the subject and our workshops are relevant to all, whatever their income or other financial circumstances. We know that people will have many different reasons for attending so we include something for everyone. Whether participants are just frustrated that their hard-earned cash seems to disappear with little of value to show for it, or they’re struggling to cope with the amount of credit they’ve taken out, attending one of our workshops should set them off on a better path.

We have a number of wellbeing modules, which are adaptable to audiences in either a Community or a Workplace setting. The packages cover these core areas:

  • How to plan your finances to enable you to stay on top of your money now and to help you to achieve your goals for the future.
  • How to structure saving to make bigger things happen and to prevent financial blips turning into a personal recession.
  • Problems repaying credit can happen to anyone, how to take action to deal with it and where there is expert help available for free.
  • How to choose financial products wisely and use them to enhance your financial wellbeing.
  • How to keep on top of what’s happening with your pay, your cash, and your bank accounts.

The Money Workshop is a two hour, fast-paced trip through these five areas, but there is still time for imaginative exercises and plenty of questions. The Full Day Money Workshop lasts, unsurprisingly, for a whole eight hours, but we do have lunch, coffee and tea breaks! We consider each of the five areas in more detail and we equip participants to help others get on top of their money, rather than the training just being for their own benefit.

For commercial organisations, prices for The Money Workshop start from £500 per session and vary according to the nature of the organisation. We also have some funding available to offer free workshops for most not-for-profit organisations, so as long as you can find a space for us and bring enough people along, we can come along without taking a penny!

For more information about hosting or to book a course, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Workplace & Community Programmes Team on or 0207 062 8933.

We can only offer free workshops for not-for-profit groups with the generosity of our funders. If you’d like to help charities and community groups provide adult financial education, please see the ‘Funding our Training’ factsheet.