Over 43,000 People Reached In 2023!

Workshop + Webinar Delivery in 2023 - 2,112.5 Hours Total

2023 was another incredible year for The Money Charity, as we delivered record numbers of our Financial Wellbeing and Financial Education Workshops and Webinars to well over 43,000 people of all ages across the UK!

Leading the way within that amazing total was our Young People’s Team, going from strength to strength as they delivered more hours of sessions to more young people in Schools and Colleges than ever before. We also saw increases in our delivery to adults in Workplaces and Community Groups, with clear growth in the number of people reached. The cost of living remains heavily challenging for so many across the UK, but one rare bright spot has been the way that good money management has come much more to the fore of national conversation, with many taking proactive steps to find ways to manage their money as well as they can. With 2024 giving no early signs of the difficult outlook going away any time soon, the UK will need to increase its focus on Financial Wellbeing like never before and we remain extremely well-placed to meet these needs with our unique offering.

Below you can see a few main highlights of how much we were able to achieve through 2023, with the full story told in our Annual Report and Impact Report. It’s work that we intend to take even further in 2024, so if you’d like to join us in helping to make it happen, get in touch, we’d love to start a conversation!

1,542 Hours of Workshops Delivered to 33,494 Young PeopleAdult Participants from 2019-2023

570.5 Hours of Workshops & Webinars Delivered to 9,569 Adults in Workplaces & Communities220.5 Hours of Community Workshops Delivered to 1,123 People + 350 Hours of Workplace Workshops Delivered to 8,446 PeopleOur 2023 Delivery to 179 Workplaces, 171 Schools/Colleges, 4 Universities and 107 Community Groups/CharitiesOur 2023 Delivery Split Was: Young People 89% F2F, 11% Virtual / Community 62% F2F, 38% Virtual / Workplace 17% F2F, 83% Virtual