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    Emerging Payments Awards 2019

    Emerging Payments Awards – 3rd October 2019 The Emerging Payments Awards recognise excellence and innovation in payments. With over 8 hours of networking time, this prestigious event is where relationships are formed and reputations are built. Now in its twelfth

    External News 24th Apr
  • 0.84% Average interest rate on a cash ISA in January 2019

    Statistics March 2019
  • Economy Slow-Down - Money Stats Mar 2019 crop

    The Money Stats – March 2019 – Recent Figures Suggest UK Economy Slow-Down

    A wide range of debt, price and financial statistics suggest a ‘slowing down’ of the UK’s economic landscape, according to the March 2019 Money Statistics, produced by The Money Charity.  While many recent months have seen significant rises or falls

    Press Release 26th Mar
  • 0.4% Average increase in house prices in the year to February 2019, according to Nationwide

    Statistics March 2019
  • iStock_000018683557Medium

    International Women’s Day – Women and Financial Wellbeing

    The Money Charity believes that our message of bringing financial capability and wellbeing is for everyone, whatever their age, gender, background or situation, and are committed to seeing this become ever more the reality for people across the UK. To mark this year’s International

    Our News 8th Mar
  • Household Stresses - Money Stats Feb 2019

    The Money Stats – February 2019 – Households Remain Under Financial Stress Despite Some Signs of Improvement

    Could you spare us 5 minutes? We would love to know what you think of The Money Statistics so have set up a short survey here. With your feedback, we will keep improving the report, making it as useful as possible to

    Press Release 22nd Feb
  • £935.34 Increase in average total debt per adult in the year to December 2018

    Statistics February 2019
  • Our Response to the FCA Discussion Paper on Fair Pricing

    The Money Charity calls on the FCA to ban ‘inertia’ pricing and the loyalty surcharge. In our response to the FCA’s discussion paper on fair pricing in financial services, we have called on the FCA to introduce rules that protect long-term

    External News 31st Jan
  • -5.7% Change in the average real wage since pre-crash peak in February 2008

    Statistics January 2019
  • New Year's Resolution

    The Money Stats – January 2019 – Low Savings and Rising Debt Across UK Points to Need for 2019 Financial Resolutions

    Could you spare us 5 minutes? We would love to know what you think of The Money Statistics so have set up a short survey here. With your feedback, we will keep improving the report, making it as useful as

    Press Release 25th Jan
  • Pensions Coverage Shortfall - Money Stats Dec 2018

    The Money Stats – December 2018 – Strong Auto-Enrolment Pension Rates Yet To Solve UK Coverage Shortfall

    While much positive progress has been made on UK public awareness of pensions, and participation in them, a considerable shortfall remains in overall coverage, according to the December 2018 Money Statistics, produced by The Money Charity. The implementation and take-up

    Press Release 19th Dec
  • 9.96 million Number of employees auto-enrolled into pension schemes by November 2018

    Statistics December 2018
  • First-Time Buyers Blocked - Money Stats Nov 2018

    The Money Stats – November 2018 – Insurmountable Obstacles Continue to Block First-Time Buyer Access to Property Market

    The challenge of housing affordability in the UK, particularly for first-time buyers, remains acute, according to the November 2018 Money Statistics, produced by The Money Charity. Reports that the housing market is struggling, with property values falling or remaining static

    Press Release 22nd Nov
  • 98% First-time buyer deposit as percentage of average salary, in September 2018

    Statistics November 2018
  • £32,220 Average student debt for 2016 cohort in England

    Statistics October 2018
  • Cash Enduringly Popular - Money Stats Oct 2018

    The Money Stats – October 2018 – Rapid Rise of Digital Payments Yet to Halt Enduring Popularity of Cash

    With many headlines sounding the death knell for cash, its popularity and use continues to endure robustly, according to the October 2018 Money Statistics, produced by The Money Charity. Despite reports that the tipping point has been reached, with the

    Press Release 23rd Oct
  • Household Costs Balance

    The Money Stats – September 2018 – Public Sector Improvements Mask Household Debt Concerns

    Considerable improvements in UK public sector finances should be weighed alongside signs of concern for household finances, according to the September 2018 Money Statistics, produced by The Money Charity. A dramatic improvement in the UK’s public sector finances has been

    Press Release 20th Sep
  • £32,220 Average student debt for 2016 cohort in England

    Statistics September 2018
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    THE MONEY STATS – Debt continues to drop as interests rise

    In the same month that the Bank of England base rate has risen to 0.75% – the highest level since 2009, debt growth has fallen to its lowest level in over a year. According to the August 2018 Money Statistics,

    Press Release 14th Aug
  • 106% The average First Time Buyer deposit compared to average salary

    Statistics August 2018

    THE MONEY STATS – Day to day costs rise across the UK

    Findings from the latest Money Statistics from The Money Charity have revealed that UK household costs have risen dramatically in May. The average UK household daily spend on gas, water and electricity has increased to £4.21 in May, growing by

    Press Release 25th Jul
  • 125% The average rent in London compared to the rest of England (2 bed)

    Statistics July 2018
  • Press Release: Just one hour of financial education works – Evaluation of The Money Charity’s Workshops in schools

    The Money Charity’s Money Workshops have a significant positive effect on the financial capability of young people, in terms of confidence and perception of knowledge, even when the majority of students experience only one one-hour workshop. This is one of

    External News 24th Jul
  • 2

    THE MONEY STATS – Debt growth slows in the UK

    New statistics show that, having reached a peak in April the growth of debt per adult is now beginning to slow. The June 2018’s Money Statistics – produced by The Money Charity finds that growth over the previous 12 months

    Press Release 13th Jun
  • 18.26% The increase in the average interest rate on a credit card bearing interest

    Statistics June 2018
  • £123,870 The outstanding mortgage debt per mortgaged household

    Statistics May 2018
  • 2

    THE MONEY STATS – Economic Growth predicted to slump to 5 year low

    UK GDP growth is predicted to slump at 0.1% between January and March 2018, its lowest quarterly level since Q4 2012, according to the latest Money Statistics. May’s Money Statistics reveals that the ONS predict Q1 2018 GDP growth to

    Press Release 14th May