The Money Charity Statement on the Rise in Cost of Living

At The Money Charity, we understand well that many people are currently feeling very anxious about rising energy bills, increases to National Insurance contributions, mortgage rates increasing as well as the general cost of living. Many people are going to

The Money Charity’s Response to the MAPS Listening Document

The Money Charity warmly welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Money and Pensions Service Listening Document, which we see as making a vital contribution to a successful strategy to improve financial capability in the UK. We look forward to

International Women’s Day – Women and Financial Wellbeing

The Money Charity believes that our message of bringing financial capability and wellbeing is for everyone, whatever their age, gender, background or situation, and are committed to seeing this become ever more the reality for people across the UK. To mark this year’s International

The Money Charity Reaches Our 150,000th Student!

Tomorrow, in Neath Port Talbot College, South Wales, we will reach our 150,000th student since we began to deliver Financial Education in schools and colleges six years ago! This Workshop, like nearly 5,000 that have come before, is full of

Financial Education in schools: why we need direct delivery

Introduction In September 2016, The Money Charity released ‘Financial Education in schools: how to fix two lost years?’ – original research into the state of Financial Education in English schools two years after its introduction to the Maths and Citizenship

Financial Education in schools: how to fix two lost years?

Introduction From September 2014, Financial Education became part of the secondary school curriculum in England. A culmination of years of campaigning, the change was greeted as a great advance. For some, particularly in the policymaking world, there was a sense