The Money Charity’s Response to the MAPS Listening Document

The Money Charity warmly welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Money and Pensions Service Listening Document, which we see as making a vital contribution to a successful strategy to improve financial capability in the UK. We look forward to

International Women’s Day – Women and Financial Wellbeing

The Money Charity believes that our message of bringing financial capability and wellbeing is for everyone, whatever their age, gender, background or situation, and are committed to seeing this become ever more the reality for people across the UK. To mark this year’s International

Our Response to the FCA Discussion Paper on Fair Pricing

The Money Charity calls on the FCA to ban ‘inertia’ pricing and the loyalty surcharge. In our response to the FCA’s discussion paper on fair pricing in financial services, we have called on the FCA to introduce rules that protect long-term

How to pay off your credit card debt

Sara Williams, creator of money advice blog Debt Camel, and local Citizens Advice volunteer advisor, guest blogs for The Money Charity on the best ways to pay off credit card debt quickly. The Financial Conduct Authority last week announced its

International Women’s Day – The Fin Cap Gender Gap

When it comes to money, women are often worse off compared to their male counterparts. Whether we are talking about earnings, savings, confidence or capability, men often come up trumps. Of course, the most obvious statistic that demonstrates how women

The Bank of Mum and Dad: New Post Office Guide

Are you thinking about helping your kids (big kids!) get onto the property ladder? Or have your parents offered to help you buy your first home? If yes is the answer to either of those questions, then you are definitely

Talking Money: How we can tackle a very British problem

Talking about money and personal finances, in general, is perhaps one of the last classic British taboos. As the saying goes: “There are two things you never talk about in life: money and politics”. The Money Charity believes it is

Living as a Student: National Student Money Week 2018

This year’s focus for National Student Money Week is on student accommodation. The theme ‘Where I Live’ was chosen to zero in on the cost of student housing and how it is affecting budgeting, student debt and mental health in

Taking Money Off Your Mind: Dealing with Cancer and Money

As part of World Cancer Day 2018, we at The Money Charity want to offer support to those affected by cancer who may be worried about the impact a cancer diagnosis can have on their money. Whether you’re a patient,