The Money Charity Reaches Our 150,000th Student!

Tomorrow, in Neath Port Talbot College, South Wales, we will reach our 150,000th student since we began to deliver Financial Education in schools and colleges six years ago! This Workshop, like nearly 5,000 that have come before, is full of well-rehearsed messages and carefully designed materials to help build financial skills and confidence.

As our recent report showed, schools and teachers often struggle to deliver good Financial Education. We are following this up today with further findings showing that teachers value direct delivery, using outside experts to deliver Financial Education.

Phil Aubrey, our consultant who’s been working with us in South Wales since the beginning, brings schools years of experience and teaching techniques that we know work.

Julie Flynn, the teacher at Neath Port Talbot College whose class Phil is working with, welcomes the great added value that The Money Charity brings for young people who need to learn about finances.

“Phil Aubrey has been a tremendous support to the staff and students at Neath Port Talbot College Group in his role with The Money Charity. Hundreds of students have attended his sessions and gained a valuable insight into the financial implications of borrowing money. He has given them an appreciation of the financial demands of independent living and lifestyle expectations.”

– Julie Flynn, Teacher, NPTC

A third of young people consider themselves over-indebted by age 24 and from the moment they leave school they’re expected to take responsibility for managing money. We decided to play our part in making sure that every young man and woman enters the world with the skills and confidence they need to be happy and successful.

In 2010 The Money Charity began to go into schools and work with Young People to build their financial skills. Back then, this was just a small part of what we did as a charity.

Thankfully, hundreds of schools and colleges across England, Wales and Northern Ireland also saw that burning need and have come to rely on our consultants to deliver Financial Education for their students. Now, this is a central part of what we do, and it’s our mission to ensure that all young people have access to Financial Education.

We are proud to offer schools a range of Workshops for KS3, KS4 and Post-16 students.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality support to schools by ensuring our Financial Education Workshops fit into school timetables and requirements. We typically deliver as part of designated lesson times, such as Citizenship, Maths or PSHE.

Today, we also release a new piece of original research into our method of working with Young People in schools, direct delivery, showing why this needs to be part of what schools offer on Financial Education.

Reflecting on what outside experts have to offer over what schools can do in-house, Julie Flynn notes:

“All students really appreciate the value of outside speakers delivering relevant topics.”