The Student Money Manual 2023-24

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The Student Money Manual is the essential guide to student finance and managing your money at university.

From budgeting to student finance, fees to making your money stretch further as a student, each year our Student Money Manual reaches thousands of young people and their families, equipping them with the skills, confidence and knowledge to manage their money well throughout their university life.

The 2023/24 Student Money Manual is now available for free as an interactive PDF on the link below.

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Teacher Resource Packs

The Student Money Manual

Need support delivering Financial Education?

We have created sets of engaging and interactive Teacher Resource Packs for Key Stage 3 and 4, covering a range of different topics.

Please note that our Packs now come in a mix of hard-copy and digital download versions. The downloadable Packs are available for free by clicking here.

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KS3 + KS4 13 pack £8
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The Money Manual

The Money Manual

From shopping sprees to pension plans, ISAs to investments, money plays a crucial role in your wellbeing.

No matter what your situation, everyone can do with a little helping hand on the basics of good money management. Our essential Money Manual offers handy tips and advice on key areas including planning for the future, the best savings options for you and your needs, how to recognise and tackle debt, understanding financial products and the ins and outs of everyday money.

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Online Budget Builder

Our free online Budget Builder allows you to skip the paper and get a budget written up in no time, without having to do any fancy maths! You can amend it at any time, as well as tracking your regular spending (and don’t worry, your information is kept private, and we won’t share it with anyone). Click here to get started.