The Money Charity Announces First London Marathon Runner

The Money Charity, the UK’s financial capability charity, announces its first runner in the London Marathon will be Tim Perkins, Co-Founder of Nudge. Steph Hayter, Acting Chief Executive of The Money Charity said: “This is the first time The Money Charity

Britons owe more, pay less in interest. Will it last?

Each Briton is spending, on average, £1001 a year on debt interest repayments, 3.79% of average earnings. Between us, that’s more than £50 billion at an annual rate. That might sound like a lot but it’s actually at the lowest

October Money Stats – Mortgage arrears on the rise again

Today the UK’s leading financial capability charity The Money Charity releases The Money Statistics, giving an overview of the financial situation facing people in the UK. The Money Stats are out today and figures show that after years of steady falls,

Vote for The Money Charity’s work with parents!

Vote here by April 22nd! At The Money Charity we know that life’s big changes transform not just how you live, but your finances. Having a child is a wonderful thing, but it is also a leap from one financial


The Money Charity’s Money Stats are out today. New figures show that the average rate of interest for instant access savings accounts is at a record low of 0.37%. It’s not good news for savers and means that if a

Low levels of financial capability adding 4% to UK firms’ payroll costs

Today The Money Charity is in Personnel Today explaining why firms should invest in the financial capability of their employees. With money worries being linked to poor mental health, strained personal and professional relationships and low levels of job satisfaction, there

Borrowing falls for the first time since 2011

The Money Statistics are out and for the first month since December 2011, the amount we owe in mortgages, loans and credit card debt has fallen. People in the UK owed £1.455 trillion at the end of December 2015, this