Dormant Assets Consultation – An Open Letter from the YFCG

Dormant Assets Consultation a Key Opportunity for Financial Education – An open letter from the Youth Financial Capability Group Over a decade ago, the UK set up its Dormant Assets Scheme, putting assets lying idle to good use. Since then, £892

The Money Charity’s Annual Report 2021

We’re delighted to release our 2021 Annual Report today, telling the story of an exciting year bouncing back for the UK’s Financial Capability charity, moving from a year of simply surviving to one of thriving. Alongside the Report, we are

The Money Stats – March 2020 – Portrait of a Pre-Crisis UK

March 2020’s Money Statistics, produced by The Money Charity, are released from a place significantly different to anything the majority of us will ever have witnessed before, and almost certainly unlike any previous period for which this report has existed.