Volunteer-Led Money Workshops


At The Money Charity, we believe that having credible and enthusiastic experts delivering financial education to young people is essential. To enable us to do this, we are always looking for new organisations to partner with. Organisations can support our two models of delivery in schools and colleges, either the consultant-led workshops or volunteer-led workshops.

Our volunteer programme connects volunteers from the financial sector with schools to deliver financial education workshops.

Volunteers are trained by The Money Charity to deliver our Volunteer Money Workshop, which is for 11 to 16-year-olds. Our training is interactive, including group work and debate, as well as a chance for employee volunteers to practise their public speaking skills and familiarise themselves with the teaching materials.

The volunteer programme offers great professional development training opportunities for staff, to help them develop new skills and confidence. The programme ties in well with CSR initiatives and employee engagement as well as allowing organisations to build relationships with local schools.

The volunteer programme allows employees to take on a leadership and mentoring role requiring adaptability and strong communication skills.

Our evaluation data shows that:

  • 67% of volunteers reported the programme had helped them develop their communication skills
  • 88% of our current volunteers agreed that they had grown fully or partially in confidence since volunteering with The Money Charity

We take responsibility for promoting to schools and liaising with teachers and volunteers on their requirements. We also manage the bookings for workshops centrally. We typically work with 12 – 24 volunteers from any organisation and deliver workshops in schools within a 15-mile radius of their offices.

The project is supported by a coordinator within each organisation, who acts as the link between the charity and organisation. Schools will be contacted by The Money Charity and then dates, times and school information will be shared with volunteers who can advise on their availability for the presentation. The coordinator will be kept informed of all activity and copied into all necessary correspondence related to the delivery of the workshops.

We send out regular newsletters to our volunteers and provide refresher training as and when it is needed.

“The programme has given me the ability to exert positive influence over young people. I have realised that this is something that I excel at and would like to pursue long-term. Being in the classroom and having the opportunity to engage with young people, helping to build their confidence and change their attitudes towards money, in the hope that it will stand them in good stead for the future.”

- Rachel Wagstaff, a Volunteer from Phoenix Group in Birmingham

If you are interested in working with us, or for more information, please contact our Education Officer Shirin: shirin@themoneycharity.org.uk or on 0207 062 8935.