A week with The Money Charity

This week Laura Atkinson has been on work experience with us. Here’s how she found it…

At the start of last December, The Money Charity delivered an interactive and informative session for my Sixth Form in Lancaster. The session involved the scenario of buying a TV and the group had to come up with the best way in which to purchase it. We were given a variety of options including credit cards, high-cost store cards, debit cards, a loan.

The outcome surprised everyone in the room. It just showed that people don’t know their options and this resulted in 14 out of the 20 people in my group wasting £220 in the exercise.

The workshop also included The Student Money Manual which is an extremely useful, easy to read booklet with loads of handy tips and advice to help you make the best decisions early on. My favourite part of the guide is the Money Calculator where you get to input your own figures and the guide takes you through a step by step process to calculate how much you will need for university, and if your income will cover your outgoing payments. The guide primarily helps you to think about how you are going to achieve your goals financially. The workshop which I attended was slightly rushed towards the end because time was limited which was a shame so I would encourage all staff to ensure that a suitable amount of time is available for this worthwhile workshop.

I was so impressed by the workshop and the beliefs of the charity that I decided to do a week’s work experience with them. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was able to have a one to one session with each member of the team which provided me with some great insight into the running and structure of the charity. I was asked to help with day to day tasks and review some of their publications to see if those my age understand the information and find it relevant and useful. Everyone at the charity is passionate about their work and trying hard to help people, like myself, to make the right choices.

The Money Charity is small in size but has already made a big impact on people of all ages, especially students. With consultants situated up and down the country running workshops to schools, colleges, universities and The Student Money Manual reaching over half a million students The Money Charity has addressed the importance of money management in a positive, fun, engaging way.

In my opinion, they are doing it very well indeed.