Vote for The Money Charity’s work with parents!

Vote here by April 22nd!

At The Money Charity we know that life’s big changes transform not just how you live, but your finances. Having a child is a wonderful thing, but it is also a leap from one financial reality to another.

Parents don’t just wake up with the skills they need, or download into their brains the cost of having kids. They need a helping hand!

This is why we are bidding to deliver workshops in the SureStart Centres of Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield triangle to manage their money well, getting the best out of every penny and creating brighter futures by setting realistic financial goals for their families.

We will provide information and know-how as well as helping people to have a better relationship with both their money and those with whom they are financially connected.

We expect to reach almost 1000 people via the workshops and that SureStart staff will assist an additional 150 -200 parents.

But none of this can happen without your vote. RBS are running a public poll on bids to help them decide which projects should be funded.

So if you want to give parents – and their kids –  a brighter financial future, please vote for us!