Unpaid Carers’ project shortlisted for the NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund

BRILLIANT NEWS! Today voting has opened for the NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund in which The Money Charity has been shortlisted! Who gets funding is decided, in-part, by a public vote, and this is where we need our fantastic supporters to get involved. Earlier this year we were shortlisted for the same fund and came close to acquiring the funds we had applied for under the NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund. This time, we are determined to make it through, but we need your votes!

Our Northern Carers’ project can be found on the NatWest Skills and Opportunity website, and you can find our project in the North region. Our project – ‘Financial Capability Support for Carers in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire’, focuses on providing financial guidance materials and workshops for unpaid carers’ in the aforementioned areas. The Money Charity wants to help carers to manage their money, reducing stress and giving them more time to care for their loved ones, and themselves as well. We hope to give roughly 360 unpaid carers’ the tools to face their money problems head-on, with confidence and surety. In doing so we hope to see a significant improvement in our unpaid carers’ outlook on life and satisfaction when it comes to finances.

We are the only UK charity which provides financial capability guidance and education to all age groups, and we hope that with this funding we can broaden our mission and help improve the lives of one of the most hard-working and under-valued sections of our society.

Every vote counts in this one so please follow the link above and show your support for the Money Charity and for unpaid carers around the country.