The Student MoneyManual


The Student Moneymanual is the essential guide to student finance and managing money at university. It is aimed mainly at first year students, but is relevant for all undergraduates. It covers everything from student finance, to making your money stretch further as a student. Each year The Student Moneymanual reaches thousands and thousands of young people and over the last few years, we estimated that we’ve reached many millions with these vital money messages. The latest Moneymanual is up to date with the latest information and statistics for 2015/16.

In the past, we have worked with key organisation such as UCAS and NUS to distribute the Moneymanual for free, directly to around 500,000 students each year.  We are always looking for organisations to support our work and would be thrilled to discuss potential partnership opportunities on providing this vital information to students.  The Moneymanual is further accompanied by digital content on our website. The Student Moneymanual has a number of key strengths:

  • It is the trusted resource for parents, educators and students about student finance and budgeting at university;
  • It is updated annually each year to ensure information is relevant and accurate;
  • It provides information on the student finance package and managing money at university at a pivotal point for students.
  • As it is often read by parents, it encourages conversations about money between parents and young people;

The Moneymanual can be downloaded for free or can be purchased in hard copy. We’ve also made all of the content available online so students can search, share and bookmark as needed. Download or order copies of the current Student Moneymanual here. If you are interested in sponsoring the Student Moneymanual and would like to know more, please contact Michelle, our Chief Executive, who would be delighted to talk further with you.

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