The Student Money Manual


The Student Money Manual is the essential guide to student finance and managing money at university. It is aimed mainly at post-16/college students considering going to uni as well as first-year students, but is relevant for all undergraduates. It covers everything from budgeting to student finance and fees to making your money stretch further as a student. Each year The Student Money Manual reaches thousands of young people and their families, equipping them with the skills, confidence and knowledge to manage their money well throughout their university life.

  • It is the trusted resource for parents, educators and students about student finance and budgeting at university;
  • It is updated annually each year to ensure information is relevant and accurate;
  • It provides information on the student finance package and managing money at university at a pivotal point for students;
  • As it is often read by parents, it encourages conversations about money between parents and young people;

We’re pleased to say we have funding in place which allows us to provide FREE Manuals to schools which have a higher than average number of students receiving free schools meals. Contact us to find out if you are eligible. *Please note, as a condition of our funding and receiving free manuals, you will be required to complete a simple ‘before and after’ evaluation survey with your students.*

However, if the above does not apply, the Manual is available to order at rates which still offer excellent value and a real investment in your, your children’s or your pupils’, future. The Student Money Manual can also be downloaded for free from the same page. If you are interested in sponsoring the Student Money Manual and would like to know more, please contact Steph, our Head of Young People Programmes, who would be delighted to talk further with you.