Save the Student Moneymanual!

The Money Charity is today calling for new partners to secure the future of its flagship Student Moneymanual, our vital finance guide for young people.

Since 2010 the Moneymanual has been generously supported by Santander, but this partnership has now come to an end – meaning there’s a unique opportunity to get involved with this essential product.

The Moneymanual reaches more than half a million current and prospective students every year, giving them the latest tips and tricks about managing their money. It’s available in hard copy and as a PDF for free to schools, colleges, universities, and individuals – with a small charge to cover postage and packing for hard copies.

The 2014/15 Moneymanual alone has been distributed in over 155 student unions and universities, over 300 schools and colleges, and directly to over a thousand teachers.

But without a new backer, the charity will no longer be able to produce the Moneymanual.

The first year at university is a particularly important time to learn about money, as it’s the first time most students will have had to manage their own money and take responsibility for their finances.

The Moneymanual can play a big part in making the transition to financial independence less daunting: as many as 62% of those who had thoroughly read the Moneymanual claimed to pay close attention to their finances. That compares to 47% of those who had read the Moneymanual only briefly, and 37% of those who had not seen it at all.

And even briefly reading the Moneymanual made students more likely to be satisfied with their financial situation than those who hadn’t seen it.


Michelle Highman, Chief Executive of The Money Charity, said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for a partner to reach students before or as they arrive at university, and to contribute to their wellbeing.

“The Moneymanual is a trusted guide that students find really valuable and that speaks their language – and it has a lot of credibility among the higher education sector. We’ve worked with organisations like UCAS, the National Union of Students, NASMA, and Unite Students to reach young people, and are very proud of the what the Moneymanual has achieved to date.

“We’d love to hear from anyone who cares about student wellbeing and wants to reach half a million students every year with a product they actually engage with.”

If you’d like to support the Student Moneymanual in any way, contact Bushara Awan, Head of Young People Programmes, The Money Charity on 0207 062 8933 or to find out more – or click here.