NextGen Planners to help The Money Charity deliver vital financial education

The Money Charity is delighted to announce a new partnership. NextGen Planners will be supporting The Money Charity’s vital financial education workshops in schools.

The workshops we deliver empower thousands of young people to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to be able to make the right financial decisions and manage their money well into adulthood. We have reached over 160,000 students so far, and with the help of NextGen, we are hoping to reach many more.

NextGen Planners are a group of financial services professionals who work together to increase the reputation of their profession. They aim to help those entering the profession, and the next generation of society too – specifically young people currently growing up in an increasingly complex financial world.IMG_2541

NextGen have created an online platform that will allow their members to sponsor workshops. Members will be able to choose the area that they would like the school to be in that the workshop is delivered in, and potentially even the exact school. The official announcement from NextGen Planners, as well as a video about our new partnership from Rohan Sivajoti, Co-Founder of NextGen will be up on the NextGen website shortly.

We at The Money Charity believe it is crucial to ensure young people have the understanding and tools that will enable them to stay on top of their money throughout their lives. NextGen’s support will help us provide this through our Money Workshops in schools and colleges across the UK.


Rohan announced NextGen Planners’ support for The Money Charity, at the NextGen conference in Manchester yesterday. Zena, our Head of Income Generation, was at the conference welcoming this exciting new partnership.

Steph Hayter, Acting Chief Executive of The Money Charity said:

“We are very excited about our budding partnership with NextGen. This partnership will help us move ever closer to our goal of ensuring that every young person in the UK is equipped with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours they need to manage their money efficiently. With debt amongst young people on the rise, along with the cost of living and housing, the importance of our work in empowering the younger generation to understand and stay on top of their money is even more significant.”