The Money Charity Encourages Young People Across the Globe to Talk About Money

In a unique opportunity, the UK’s leading financial capability charity, The Money Charity will be connecting young people from a school in London, to a school in Nigeria in a live global webchat on money. Pupils between 11-13 years old will have the chance to talk openly and honestly with one another about money, as part of a series of events hosted by the charity to celebrate Global Money Week 2014, 10-17th March.

Pupils from the Reach Academy, Feltham, and Kingsville College, FCT-Abuja, will ask each other questions and discuss topics including savings, life goals, income, spend, and pocket money etc. It will be the first time something like this has taken place in the UK, as part of GMW, in a bid to encourage young people to talk openly about money issues and think about their own attitude to finances

During the week, The Money Charity will also be delivering their free, interactive Money Workshops in 35 schools and colleges across the UK, reaching over 1050 11-19 year olds. The workshops are designed with the needs of the pupils in mind in order to engage and inspire young people to stay on top of their money.

Bushara Raja, the Head of Young People Programmes, The Money Charity, said “We are delighted to be part of Global Money Week for the second year running. And thrilled at the opportunity to bring together students from across the world in an open dialogue about money. Money remains the last taboo in our society, and what better way to bring about change than to motivate young people to talk about money, on a global scale! In discussing money, students are able to think about their own attitudes to finances. As a charity we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and engaging students in new and exciting ways so we are proud to be the first in the UK to do something like this.”

Global Money Week 2014 in the UK is part of a global celebration. Countries from every continent are participating in order to raise awareness of the importance of financial education and financial inclusion for children and youth. Global Money Week 2014 is coordinated and led by Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam. This global movement strives to provide financial education and financial inclusion to all children and youth, and has already gathered the support of some of the most prominent leaders and organizations across the world, including the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban-Ki Moon.

These international celebrations are carried out to promote the importance of financial rights, and especially for children and youth. Today, less than 1% of all children in the world have access to financial education and financial inclusion. One billion children live in poverty. Financial illiteracy results in many young people struggling with large amounts of debt, resulting in negative repercussions on their development and well-being.

With financial access and financial education young people can learn to save and spend money responsibly.


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About The Money Charity:

The Money Charity is the UK’s financial capability (financial education) charity. Our vision is that everyone has the ability to be on top of their money as a part of everyday life. We empower people across the UK to build the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to make the most of their money throughout their lives.
The Money Charity is registered with the Charity Commission as a charity in England and Wales, number 1106941. A company limited by guarantee, incorporated under the Companies Act 1985, and registered in England and Wales, number 5244075.

Registered Office: 15 Prescott Place, London, SW4 6BS


About Child and Youth Finance International

Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) aims to develop a generation that will be able to prevent future financial crises by increasing the financial education, financial access, employability, and entrepreneurship skills of children and youth.

Launched in April 2012, the Child and Youth Finance Network has already expanded to 125 countries and reached more than 18 million children. Our international and regional events result in policy changes, and are the only events in the world where children contribute to setting the global agenda. For more information about us, please see our website: