Leading UK Financial Capability charity changes its name

26th September 2013 – Credit Action, the UK’s leading financial capability charity, today announced that it will be changing its name to The Money Charity. Effective from 14th October 2013, the name change seeks to better reflect what the organisation truly believes in; to empower people across the UK to build the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, to make the most of their money throughout their lives.

The Money Charity develops and delivers products and services which provide education, information and advice on money matters in an appropriate way for young people and adults, across the U.K. Over the last few years, for example, the charity has reached over 70,000 young people with its free and interactive money workshops in schools & colleges. It also reaches an estimated 500,000 young people each year, with the Student MoneyManual – a free essential guide to student finances.

In addition to this, the organisation provides advice, resources and training for adults including the Budget Builder and Spendometer; valuable tools to help keep your finances organised. The Money Charity also works with the industry, policymakers and the media to influence better outcomes for consumers.

Michelle Highman, CEO commented: “For many years now, we have been a leader in the provision of financial education for all, but our name, which served us well when we were a debt charity, has not kept up with the changes in the charity over the last decade. This is a really exciting time for us. We hope that the name makes clearer that we are here to help with all aspects of money management, not just credit or debt. And by doing so, will help us reach out and bring our vital money messages to many more millions over the next few years.”

The full transition to The Money Charity will include a new brand, logo, website, products, marketing & promotional materials, and social media profiles; the new internet address will be www.themoneycharity.org.uk.

The new logo is built around a design that each staff member can personally adapt. “Our new logo points the way to an exciting future. We are a small charity, but we have big ambitions, and our new brand focuses us on what we do well – an engaging & personal approach to helping people get on top of their money.” added Michelle. For further information on the rebrand design see: www.designweek.co.uk

Until the changeover, it will be ‘business as usual’ and the organisation will continue to operate in the usual way.


Notes for editors:

Credit Action is the UK’s financial capability (financial literacy) charity.  Our vision is that everyone has the ability to be on top of their money as a part of everyday life.  We empower people across the UK to build the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to make the most of their money throughout their lives.