We’re launching our brand new Money Workshops!

The Money Charity’s Education Officer Steph Hayter introduces our new Money Workshops for young people

Here at The Money Charity we are really excited about the launch of our brand new Money Workshops for young people. They follow a modular system and are even more interactive and engaging than before!

So, why the change? Well, with financial education being introduced to the curriculum from September 2014, we decided to take the opportunity to completely revamp our Money Workshops so that they are mapped to the National Curriculum to help teachers bring this vital subject to life.

There are now 4 different workshops: The Key Stage 3 Money Workshop, The Key Stage 4 Money Workshop, and The Post 16 Money Workshop. The content gradually progresses through the key stages so students can now take part in 3 different Money Workshops throughout their school lives.

We have gone through several stages of collecting feedback from our workshop consultants, volunteers, partner financial services organisations and most importantly, young people, to make sure that our new workshops are as engaging and effective as possible (the most unanimous feedback was that young people love getting free chocolate coins!). We have piloted the new material across various schools and age groups and we are now confident that they are the best they can possibly be.

The new modular system allows us to be flexible so that we can help teachers with topics that they choose. They can pick and choose the money management topics that are most relevant for their students. Topics focus on the 5 key areas that we believe provide the bedrock of sound money management. This includes:


  • What are your goals and how will you use money to reach them?
  • Budgeting – how to draw up a spending plan, needs vs wants and prioritising your spending


  • Why it is important to save
  • Where to save and shopping for a savings account – including an ISA


  • Understanding that not staying on top of your money has consequences
  • Knowing what credit is and how to use it wisely

Financial products

  • Banking, insurance, mortgages, pensions
  • Student Finance

Everyday Money

  • Tax and NI
  • How to be a savvy consumer & the cost of independent living
  • The economy and how it impacts me

You’ll be pleased to hear that the best thing about our Money Workshops isn’t changing: they will still be delivered by external experts with experience in finance and/or teaching, who have been trained by us to make learning about money inspiring and relevant for young people.

So, our modular system offers choice and flexibility to schools by running age/curriculum appropriate workshops which can be delivered as standalone or progressively year on year. We can’t wait to start delivering them!

We are always looking for more schools to visit so contact me on steph@themoneycharity.org.uk if you would like to book some.