Our first ‘Full Day Money Workshop’

Last week was an exciting milestone for us at The Money Charity – we got the opportunity to deliver our Full Day Money Workshop for the first time. Having spent many months developing totally new content it was great to see it all come together with the enthusiastic staff of an East Anglian housing association. Great resources to use with clients and in my personal life’ was the verdict of one participant – exactly what we were trying to achieve!

Spending a day learning how to manage your own money well and to help others to do likewise has traditionally been seen as something for financial geeks or a good opportunity for a snooze. The good news from yesterday is that there wasn’t a tired eye in sight! The group had a lot of fun finding out about their money personalities and learning how to plan to give their dreams a chance of becoming reality. An opportunity to swipe a colleague’s chocolate never goes amiss either.

There is obviously a serious side to the course, money is a real issue for many people and it is important that we cover all the skills needed to make sense of household finances. In summary, this is what we talk about:

  • How to plan your finances to enable you to stay on top of your money now and to help you to achieve your goals for the future.
  • How to structure saving to make bigger things happen and to prevent financial blips turning into a personal recession.
  • Problems repaying credit can happen to anyone, how take action to deal with it and where there is expert help available for free.
  • How to choose financial products wisely and use them to enhance your financial well-being.
  • How to keep on top of what’s happening with your pay, your cash and your bank accounts.

Helping others with their finances isn’t for everyone, so we have a shorter workshop which lasts just two hours. It covers the same five areas, but in less detail and purely from a personal perspective. Unfortunately there is no chocolate involved, however participants will go away inspired and with the skills to make money become a ladder rather than a hurdle in their lives.

The other piece of good news is that we still have a limited amount of funding left to allow us to offer the training free to not-for-profit organisations, so if your appetite is whetted then do get in touch: liz@themoneycharity.org.uk.