Carers need financial skills – vote to help them!

Voting is now closed. Thanks to everyone who supported us!

Please vote for The Money Charity’s project, so we can help carers build vital financial skills. The work of unpaid carers is valued at £132 billion a year, but this huge added value doesn’t mean bulging wallets and financial freedom. In fact, many carers reduce or give up paid work to care for family members or friends who need support. This creates financial challenges. Just because carers do such a great job looking after others doesn’t mean they have all the skills they need to look after themselves. If you want to live within a tight budget, know what benefits you’re entitled to or set financial goals, you need skills that many of us don’t have in abundance.

The Money Charity has a 20+ year history of working with adults, so we are incredibly well placed to develop what we do to address the specific needs of carers. If our project is selected, our free Carers’ Money Workshops will provide support to enable unpaid carers to manage their money well, getting the best use from every penny and creating brighter futures by setting realistic financial goals Many of the challenges carers face are unique, and you often won’t find the particular guidance carers need from the websites and bank branches where most of us get help.

Our money workshops will be adapted to respond to challenges unique to carers, such as:

  • the financial impacts of being a carer: coping emotionally, socially and practically;
  • dealing with someone else’s money – options and strategies;
  • benefits for carers and those they care for;
  • pension eligibility for those who have given up or cut back on work due to their caring responsibilities

Carers do us a huge service. If you vote for us, we can give them something back – the money management skills they need for a happy, healthy life! Thank you!