Money For Nothing

Smart ways to get solvent (without getting a job)


There’s a fine line between making a bit of pocket money and becoming a trader but, if you find yourself buying stock specifically to sell, you may have crossed it. Even if you’re self-employed, you can still make up to £12,500 before you have to pay tax an NI on your earnings.

Sell Out

Got perfectly serviceable gear or gadgets that you no longer want or wear? Two words: e. Bay. Two more words: Car. Boot.

Sell Your Space

Got a blog? Vlog? Website? Heck — got a car? If you own or rent something that other people can look at, you can likely find someone who will pay to advertise on it. Big-hitting vloggers might get lucky scoring incentives/bribes/products/ invites — but you’ll need to have the audience figures to be spotted first. Try (obvs) and

Rent it Out

The tabloids are littered with stories of friendless young men and women who made a million renting out their designer threads. That could be you.

Sell Your Snaps

Pretty dece with a camera? If you sell your photos to an image library (such as, you could earn royalties each time they’re used.


Mystery shopping and market research: irregular gigs but could earn you extra cash for answering questions, completing surveys or attending product tastings. If you’re mouthy and confident (or can blag it) it could be worth getting on a few lists — search online for what’s available in your area.

Got something you do like a boss? Swap it for something you suck at


Got something you do like a boss? Swap it for something you suck at. You can trade off pretty much anything: your scary aptitude for Excel formulae against someone else’s foreign language or your talent for Twitter against services and goods from local businesses.

Try getting picked up by a publishing house or agent
Try getting picked up by a publishing house or agent

Be the Next Stephenie Meyer

If you’ve got poetry, short stories or the next Twilight saga tucked away under your bed, you could try to get picked up by a publishing house or agent — or publish yourself:, or

Blag a Bargain

Lots of companies give away trial versions of everything, from perfume and toothpaste to ready meals and drinks. Signing up to newsletters and Facebook pages should net you some leads (along with a whole ton of spam). If you’re über dedicated and like pretending to be a pensioner, there are loads of free comps online and in supermarkets (you might have better luck with slogans and tie-breakers than lucky dips). Make a wish list of things you really want to win and go after those to minimise massive time suckage.

Free Entry

Stewarding at festivals might be low or no pay but should at least get you into gigs for free and possibly backstage (… to empty the bins, probably).