How Does Debt Become A Problem?

Everyone who has unmanageable debt has their own unique story as to how borrowing money has ended up causing them a whole load of grief. Our stories below show some typical journeys into that unhappy place, but they are only examples – life rarely follows a diagram. Take a look at each image and see if any of the paths feel vaguely familiar.

If you trace your path to the lower reaches of a chart, don’t hit escape – you can’t turn your worries off nearly as easily as the internet! Debt problems are generally resolvable and taking action puts you back in control and on track to feeling your world is a brighter place. If you can identify with being on the road to trouble, we have a whole host of useful articles that will help you take the first steps towards getting back on top of your money.  Click here to get started.

Problem debt with builder (1)

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