How To Create A Budget

Does the word budget make your head hurt? Well, it certainly doesn’t have to. Budgets allow you to have some control over what you spend, plan for your future, keep a check on your income and outgoings, pay off existing debt and save a few pennies each month. Now where is the downside in that?

We Do the Maths

When it comes to budgeting, taking those first steps can often be the hardest part – but we’ve got you covered. Firstly, don’t worry about the sums: our free online Budget Builder will do the maths for you. Whether you are a budgeting beginner or looking to update your current budget, our Budget Builder could be the easy tool you need, so no excuses, start now!

Start Budgeting

We have some great tools to help you manage your money, including our online Budget Builder and app, that helps you log all your income and outgoings and tots up a realistic picture of your finances. It even creates handy graphs that illustrate where exactly your money is going. You can save your personal budget and come back to it later – and it’s completely private and confidential. It will help you keep track of your actual spending on the go, so if you don’t know where your money really goes each month, have a look and get started. When you’ve got to grips with the initial set up, head over to our article on living with a budget for further advice on how to stick to your budget and easy ways to make it part of your everyday life!