Big Spender?

Third-year Mariah Maroudi wasn’t too worried about funding her degree – but working part-time has certainly helped plug the gaps. We peek into her spending journal


Studying International Politics at City University, London

NAME: Mariah Maroudi

Studying: International politics at City University London
“I managed to get funding for my fees but not for my living costs, so I started working part-time (at my university) in the third year to cope with some of the expenses. I keep track of my daily spending anyway so that I don’t waste money — but it’s hard to save up because living costs in London are pretty high.”

Head of Young People Programmes at The Money Charity


NAME: Bushara Raja (Head of Young People Programmes at The Money Charity)

Most of Mariah’s daily spending is on food and drink but she could keep the costs from stacking up with a few simple steps. Firstly, buy a coffee mug. Not only can you take your own coffee to lectures but you are likely to be offered a discount on hot drinks at the SU shop (and some high street cafés) by bringing your own mug. Include lunch on your grocery shopping lists to save you having to buy meals on the go. Mariah’s already nailed getting things cheaper on campus — printing, for example. It’s important to treat yourself once in a while and, as Mariah shows, celebrating with friends doesn’t have to be expensive. If you stay in and get each of your friends to bring something over — cake, biscuits, chocolate — you benefit from the choice of many treats instead of just one. If that doesn’t appeal, never pay more than you need to for treats by making the most of vouchers and discounts at the food joints you visit.