Our 2015 Annual Report

Today The Money Charity released its 2015 annual report, telling the story of what we achieved last year.


Michelle Highman, Chief Executive of The Money Charity says:

“I am delighted to present our 2015 annual report – a summary of The Money Charity’s achievements over the last year.”

“It’s been a good year for The Money Charity and the people we serve. When we announced our intention to close our doors by June last year, we did not expect that we would be writing a report a year later. But thanks to generous help from our patrons and partners, we kept up our work and are looking forward to more to come.”

“We have delivered more than a thousand school workshops, reaching 26,000 students, stepped up our adult work and pushed forward with new research and influencing to forge a more financially capable UK. This report is not just the story of what we achieved in 2015, it is a thank you for all those who have supported us. We are hugely grateful and will keep fighting for that vision we all share – a financially capable UK where as many people as possible are on top of their money as part of everyday life.”

To read on and find out more about our successful 2015, please download a free copy!