Annual Report 2016

Today, we want to share with you our 2016 annual report – the story of The Money Charity’s work last year. We live in a country that’s notoriously furtive about our personal finances. We just don’t talk enough about money,

30 years to save a deposit?

We hear all the time about rising house prices. But our Money Statistics find that it’s also historically low saving rates and negligible returns on deposits that make home ownership an ever more distant dream for many. If someone on

UK to start dipping into the bank

THE MONEY STATS – UK to start dipping into the bank The Money Charity was set up to help people manage their finances and save money. In some ways we have been fighting an uphill battle in the last few

Record low returns for savers in December

The Money Stats are out today and find that savers are getting worse returns on what they put away than ever before. With price rises in the shops, what you’re saving will buy you less even with interest payments. When

What should replace the Money Advice Service?

Last autumn, when the Government announced that they would be replacing the Money Advice Service with a single money guidance and capability body, rather than two, we were very pleased. As one of the first and loudest groups calling for

THE MONEY STATS – Unsecured private debt tops £190 billion

The Money Stats are out today and total outstanding consumer credit has risen above £190 billion, the highest level seen since 2008. For a sense of what this means for the average family, that’s £7,042 for every household in the

Where we are with financial capability

For The Money Charity, Financial Capability Week is a chance to look back on our successes and take stock of what has been achieved over the last few years. We’re proud of the work we and our friends have done.

The Money Charity reaches our 150,000th student!

Tomorrow, in Neath Port Talbot College, South Wales, we will reach our 150,000th student since we began to deliver financial education in schools and colleges six years ago. This workshop, like nearly 5,000 that have come before, is full of

Financial education in schools: why we need direct delivery

Introduction In September 2016, The Money Charity released ‘Financial education in schools: how to fix two lost years?’ – original research into the state of financial education in English schools two years after its introduction to the Maths and Citizenship