THE MONEY STATS – A lifetime to save for a deposit?

Historically low saving rates and negligible returns on cash pots – not just rising house prices – make home ownership an ever more distant dream for many. New figures show that if someone on the average salary saved an average

Money Workshops – Autumn bookings open

Being on top of their money improves wellbeing and helps people achieve their goals and live happier, more positive lives. We are now taking bookings for in-house staff workshops – from lunch-hour sessions to full day courses. Read more here.

Good. But good enough? The FCA’s new credit card proposals

Today, the the Financial Conduct Authority’s consultation on persistent debt and earlier intervention remedies closed. The proposals were a welcome first step towards addressing the reality that millions of people pay large amounts interest and fees, and are encouraged to build up

Annual Report 2016

Today, we want to share with you our 2016 annual report – the story of The Money Charity’s work last year. We live in a country that’s notoriously furtive about our personal finances. We just don’t talk enough about money,

Carers need financial skills – vote to help them!

Voting is now closed. Thanks to everyone who supported us! Please vote for The Money Charity’s project, so we can help carers build vital financial skills. The work of unpaid carers is valued at £132 billion a year, but this

30 years to save a deposit?

We hear all the time about rising house prices. But our Money Statistics find that it’s also historically low saving rates and negligible returns on deposits that make home ownership an ever more distant dream for many. If someone on

Our Global Money Week 2017

It’s Global Money Week – an annual celebration of the work going on around the world to inspire young people to think about money and finances.  And we’re taking the opportunity to let you know about what we’re doing to